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Classic Client Mistakes

After being in the recruitment industry for more than a quarter of a century, we feel well placed to make comment on where clients sometimes get it wrong.

1. Timelines

Too often recruitment processes go wrong as a consequence of time delays. Not all caused by Clients obviously but once a Candidate is in the process, it is important to act with rigour and pace. Momentum is a key success criteria.

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2. It's not a one way street

As recruitment processes become more analytical and to some degree scientific, the personal piece of selection is frequently overlooked. Candidates often bemoan the fact they didn’t get to understand about the business in enough depth as they went from one criteria base exercise to another. It is essential there is time for questions and open debate in any successful process. A Candidate needs to want the job and a lot of that decision comes down to environment and culture.

One way sign

3. No feedback

It is essential, to maintain the right levels of professionalism in a process, that there is regular feedback for all parties. Clients sometimes hide behind silence to see other Candidates or delay to see if someone will accept before finally communicating. The thing is, this is one industry where the old adage no news is good news just doesn’t apply. Candidates want to know they are being thought about and the reasons they are facing delays. In this instance honesty is the best policy.

4. We'll have loads of choice

As we know this is an easy statement to debunk. In broad terms there simply aren’t enough good people to go around the UK food industry. Many interims have latched onto this and see the profitable career they can have by being expedient resource at day rate levels.

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5. They were very good indeed but we haven’t seen anyone to compare

We ask Clients to look internally for comparison - how does this external solution compare with your last person doing this job? Also, and it’s a brave thing to do, if a candidate matches the selection criteria and fits culturally, you should be able to make a decision.

6. I have a draft JD

No, please get a finished version. How can you select and recruit if you don’t know what you want.

7. We want to offer them exactly the same / worse than they are earning now as we are a better company

The harsh reality for many in our industry is they simply cannot afford to take a cut in remuneration, no matter how great a business is. We have to be empathetic to their situations and must try and respond in a positive way to their personal circumstances.

8. The markets wrong and is overpaying

You might well be right, but it probably means you will start to see your team leaving. The market is the reality, and we all need to be creative in how we deal with it.

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