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Site Technical Manager
, Somerset
, £60000
 - £65000
per annum
Process Technologist, food manufacturing
, Norfolk
, £20000
 - £32000
per annum
Operations Manager
, Devon
, £45000
 - £55000
per annum
Foodservice National Account Executive
, Midlands
, £30000
 - £35000
per annum
 + Car or allowance, bonus & benefits (OTE £48K)
Graduate Food Technologist
, London
, £28000
 - £30000
per annum
Trainee Product Developer
, london
, £28000
 - £30000
per annum
Opportunities at Arla

Opportunities at Arla

The Arla brand is part of Arla Foods, which is a Swedo-Danish company in Denmark. The Arla brand was originally a Swedish company, which merged with the Danish brand MD Foods in 2000. The brand continues to grow and expand and there are many job opportunities available. For those looking for some of these vacancies and opportunities, Focus Management Consultants will be able to help.

A Brief History of the Arla Brand

Arla has become the largest dairy producer in Scandinavia and the seventh largest around the globe based on turnover. However, it originally started out as a small Swedish brand. Arla was first established in 1881. During this time and the merger in 2000, it amalgamated and acquired a number of smaller firms around the area. By 1999, 65% of the milk production in the country was from Arla alone.

The first co-operative in Denmark started in 1882 and by 1945 there were 1,650 different dairies in the country. The name Mejeriselskabet Danmark (MD) was established in 1970 but this was changed to MD Foods 18 years later when the brand went international. MD Foods International A/S was formed in 1989 so that dairy products could be acquired from overseas. An acquisition in 1990 led to MD Foods International gaining Associated Fresh Foods in the UK.

Co-operation Between the Two Firms

Arla and MD Foods began co-operating as early as 1995. This helped to led to a natural and planned merger, which started in 1999 and the Arla Goods brand was created in 2000. As part of a five year strategy plan, 17 dairies in Sweden and Denmark had to close, which led to the loss of about 1,000 jobs.

However, it did not stop Arla from merging with other companies around the world. One of those was with National Cheese Company Ltd, a Canadian producer and importer of cheese. To help expand business into China, a partnership between the Arla brand and China Mengniu Dairy Company started in 2005. This led to milk powder being produced and sold in the Chinese market.

In 2006, the acquisition of Tholstrup Cheese helped to strengthen the international brands of Arla, and strengthen its position around the globe. It strengthened that further by merging with Express Dairies, a leading UK supplier. Arla is now the leading brand for the supplying of dairy products in the United Kingdom.

Further Branding from Arla Foods

The Arla brand is not the only one from Arla foods. Others include Castello and Lurpak, which are both popular around the world. This further branding has helped to open more jobs in the market and more opportunities for graduates, executives and those looking for international or interim postings.

To help with the search, Focus Management Consultants offers an online search function. The first stage involves selecting the type of food jobs you would like, whether it is within the graduate training schemes, executive options, international jobs or just general food jobs. This instantly cuts down your search considerably.

The search function allows you to narrow your choices through the use of keywords, salary levels and location. It is possible to leave everything blank if you decide that you want to expand your search. Focus Management Consultants offer the latest job vacancies and opportunities within the food industry, wherever in the world they are.

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Going through job listings takes time but what if that process was quickened for you? By signing up to the site, you will gain full access to all the latest jobs and will not have to spend hours searching. The consultants look at the profiles on file when a new opportunity or vacancy is made available. They will be able to find candidates that have the skills required and then contact those candidates. These roles are not instantly placed on the website so by signing up you increase your chances of finding employment.

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Helping to Understand Descriptions and Titles

Another benefit of signing up to this recruitment firm is that you will gain help understanding the various titles and descriptions used in vacancies. This can be a difficult time, especially searching the internet and hope that you get the right answer. Your application form is the first step that an employer will gain of someone and they will use that to decide whether to accept them for an interview.

This first impression needs to be perfect, which involves understanding all the skills required, the description of the role that you will be doing if you get the job and the title you will have. The consultants will help you with this process and make sure you have the best start with your application form.

On top of that, Focus Management Consultants will help you with the interview stage. The first meeting leaves a lasting impression and you want to impress. This involves understanding more about the Arla brand and how you will benefit the company. Recruiters know everything about this stage of the application process and will help increase your chances of gaining the job.

Arla Foods is an international brand that started as two firms in Denmark and Sweden. Since then, it has grown considerably and is a major player in the United Kingdom.

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