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Sales Executive, Hybrid working
, Surrey
Packaging Technologist, FMCG
, Greater Manchester
, £40000
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Finance Business Partner, Food Distribution
, London
, £50000
 - £60000
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Technical Manager
, Lincolnshire
, £50000
 - £55000
per annum
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R&D Food Technician
, West Yorkshire
, £25000
 - £28000
per annum
Continuous Improvement Manager
, Nottinghamshire
, £50000
 - £60000
per annum
Muller Job Opportunities

Muller Job Opportunities

Muller is a brand well-known for its yogurts, including Mullerlight and Muller Corner. These yogurts are enjoyed by people all over the world and the brand has expanded considerably since its creation in the 1970s. It is fairly young but is extremely successful with more brand names than you would initially think. There are many jobs available at Muller but finding them may seem like a difficult process.

A Brief History of Muller

Muller was originally just a small local dairy in the village of Aretsried, founded by Ludwig Muller in 1896. It was eventually taken over by Alois Muller, who was a cheese maker. In the 1970s, Ludwig’s grandson, Theo Muller, gained ownership of the dairy. At this time, it only had four employees. After a new milk processing technique was developed, Theo managed to embark on a journey to make it a nationwide name. It was the first dairy in the whole of Germany to manage this.

By 1987, the Muller brand entered Britain and in 1992, facilities for production of the Muller products were made possible in the country. It also acquired Sachsenmilch AG and was able to expand sales to other European counties, including Italy.

During 2004, Muller managed to acquire a license for Cadbury Desserts and Nestle products with fresh milk in Britain and took over Netherlands’ Almhof brand. Further acquisitions took place over the next few years, which led to Muller becoming one of the biggest household names around the world. Muller broke into the gourmet market and dressings area of business by 2007.

Joint Ventures with Other Companies

To continue growing, Muller decided that joint ventures were a necessity. In 2012, it started a venture with PepsiCo Inc to enter the US market with the Muller Corner, FrutUp and Muller Greek Corner. This joint venture is given the name Muller Quaker Dairy.

There are more possible ventures in the future as the company continues to break into further markets with its range of yogurts. It has also acquired a number of companies and works under various well-known brands, including Kaserei Loose, Optipack and Nordsee.

The company has created a number of products under the Muller brand, including the Muller Corner, which offers a portion of yogurt with a smaller portion of flavour or topping, and the Mullerlight, which is the low-fat brand of the delicious yogurts. Many of the products are aimed at adults but there is the Muller Little Stars range for children.

Job Opportunities Through Muller

Muller is a growing company and new job opportunities are available in various areas of the business. They are also available all over the world, especially as new ventures start out.
The Focus Management Consultants website has its own search facility. You start with deciding the area of business, including international opportunities, graduate schemes and interim jobs. From there, you can enter keywords, a salary range and location to narrow down your search. If you want to keep the search open, there is no need to put in all the details. The website will show all the latest vacancies.

The Recruiters Will Do It for You

Searching websites for job vacancies takes time but you do not need to do that. It is possible to sign up to the website; all you need is your CV and some details about yourself. The recruiters will then find work that matches your CV. This could be within the graduate training, an executive role or even an international position in a new venture.

The consultants receive the list of vacancies available and will initially start by looking through the range of profiles they have on file. You have the first pick in making an application if your profile suits the needs from the vacancy listing. The recruiters do all the work for you, which cuts down time for both of you.

The benefit of the consultants doing this is that they will not have to go through applications to make sure the job fits and then send out rejection emails. They can send your application straight off to the company and recommend you for a position. While helping them, it increases your chance of gaining employment.

Helping You with the Details

There are many details to filling out application forms. You will need to read through the job description and understand everything within it. This will help you offer a better application to increase your chances of moving onto the next stage. Signing up to Focus Management Consultants helps with this. They will understand the details and the meaning behind the job title name to make your application as perfect as possible.

On top of that, they will offer tips for the interview stage. Making a good first impression is essential in gaining a job. You will need to understand the details of the company and be prepared for the questions that they will ask. This can be nerve-wracking but the consultants will go through everything you need to help you gain the employment.

Muller is constantly working on new ventures, as seen in recent years of acquisitions and joint projects. This helps to expand the company, open new factories and facilities and increase profits. More positions will open, especially in managerial and graduate training areas, which will be perfect for you.

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