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Site Technical Manager
, Somerset
, £60000
 - £65000
per annum
Process Technologist, food manufacturing
, Norfolk
, £20000
 - £32000
per annum
Operations Manager
, Devon
, £45000
 - £55000
per annum
Foodservice National Account Executive
, Midlands
, £30000
 - £35000
per annum
 + Car or allowance, bonus & benefits (OTE £48K)
Graduate Food Technologist
, London
, £28000
 - £30000
per annum
Trainee Product Developer
, london
, £28000
 - £30000
per annum
McVitie’s Job Opportunities

McVitie’s Job Opportunities

When you think of the McVitie’s brand, what do you think of? Most people will say biscuits, such as Penguins and the McVitie’s range of digestive biscuits. However, there is much more to the brand and it is successful around the world.

A Brief History of McVitie’s

The brand is owned by United Biscuits and is originally a British company, which started in Edinburgh in 1830. McVitie & Price, Ltd. ran a small biscuit shop on Rose Street and eventually moved in 1888 to the St. Andrews Biscuit Works factory.  McVitie & Price traded until 1969, even after the factory was destroyed in a fire in 1894. It expanded over the years, eventually opening factories in London and Manchester.

The company was able to acquire and merge with two Scottish bakeries between 1922 and 1948, which led to it becoming the United Biscuits Group. There are now five factories where the brand is manufactured and there are many different products that are household names.

A Wide Range of Biscuits

McVitie & Price started with the McVitie’s Digestive biscuit, which was the first digestive biscuit ever to be made. This has become a major hit and was known as the digestive biscuit due to the baking soda ingredient, which helps the digestive system. This biscuit was developed into the Chocolate Homewheat Digestive in 1925, which is another still-popular biscuit around the world.

Two other popular biscuits have remained part of the McVitie brand – the HobNob and the Chocolate HobNob.

The brand has been renamed to McV and then back to McVitie’s and licensed for production in Japan under Meji Seika Kaisha Ltd.

Production of Cakes and Snacks

Since acquiring the bakeries, the McVitie’s brand moved into the production of cakes as well as biscuits. Some claims to fame for the brand include making the wedding cake for the marriage between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip and the groom’s cake for Prince William.

There are many other cakes that are labelled under the McVitie brand, which many people may not have realised at first. These include the Jaffa Cake, Lyle’s Golden Syrup Cake and the Jamaica Ginger Cake.

A line of snacks include the Mini Cheddars and Cheddars crisps. There has also been the production of the Go Ahead bars, which offer biscuit and yogurt.

A Range of Jobs at McVitie’s

Being a UK company, the majority of jobs are based in the UK. While the brand has been licensed overseas, the production is with other companies and not under United Biscuits. This may seem to limit the opportunities, which is why it is important to search in the right places.

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Help with Understanding Descriptions and Terms

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McVitie’s is a strong, British brand. There are many products on the shelves with the McVitie’s logo, including some that you are likely to have in your cupboards already. By signing up to Focus Management Consultants, you will learn about the latest opportunities the business is managing and stop having to spend time searching the vacancies. Let the recruiters do the work for you and link you to the perfect opportunities within your area.

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