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Job Vacancies at the Coca Cola Company

Job Vacancies at the Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola is a high profile soft drink brand and is just one of the many products available through the Coca Cola company.  In fact, there are over 500 products within the brand in at least 200 territories or countries around the world. There are many job opportunities within the brand, whether you are looking for graduate level jobs or international placements.

A Brief History of Coca Cola

The drink was first created in 1886 by John Stith Pemberton, who as a pharmacist in Columbus, GA. In 1889, the formula was bought, along with the name of the brand, and the Coca Cola Company started just three years later. The name was based on the first drink but it has expanded considerably over the years.

The drink was originally develop as a coca wine; a non-alcoholic version of wine, which was perfect during the prohibition period. It was never originally sold as a drink but as a medicine when it was believed carbonated water was good for the health. There were claims that the syrup, as it was, would cure morphine addiction, headaches, impotence and many other diseases.

Coca Cola did not make it into bottle form until March 12, 1894 after a battle between Pemberton and Asa Candler, who bought the brand. However, it was sold commercially by 1891 shortly after the first thought of bottling the syrup.

Changes in the Ingredients

One of the ingredients and where the name of the drink came from was cocaine. When first created, 5oz of coca leaf was used for one gallon of the syrup, which was a large dose. Candler reduced the amount by a tenth but there was still about 9mg of cocaine in each glass of the drink. The use of fresh leaves was stopped in 1903 and leftovers were used, which had trace amounts of the drug.

When cocaine became an illegal substance, the drink had to go through another change. Coca leaf extract is still used but this is cocaine free. There is only one extraction plant authorised for this process in the United States, the Stepan Company. The cocaine is extracted and sold to Mallinckrodt, the only pharmaceutical manufacturer legally allowed to use the drug for medical purposes.

Another change in the ingredients came so that Coca Cola could be deemed kosher. This happened in 1935. The changes to the ingredients were minor and hardly noticed.

An attempt to change the flavour came in 1985, through the use of sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener. While many of the consumers preferred the new taste, there was too much love for the original and the Coca Cola Company had to bring the old version back, calling it the Coca Cola Classic.

There have been variations of the drink throughout recent years, including a diet version, Coke Zero – predominately targeted towards men who didn’t want to be seen drinking diet soda – Cherry Coke and Caffeine-free versions.

The bottles have also changed, with a move towards plastic instead of glass, especially in the UK and rest of Europe. However, there are still glass bottles available, along with drinking glasses. Every year, McDonalds and Coca Cola often work together with a promotion offering variations on the Coca Cola glasses.

Job Opportunities With the Coca Cola Brand

There are opportunities around the world within The Coca Cola Company, including in the Middle East, Europe, Canada and USA. These are available for graduates, technologists, manufacturing professionals and many others.

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The Coca Cola brand is more than just a drink. There is a deep history involved and there have been many changes. The brand has now expanded to over 500 products around the world, including green tea and other types of soft drinks. There are many jobs available around the world and often opportunities within the United Kingdom.

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