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Sales Executive, Hybrid working
, Surrey
Packaging Technologist, FMCG
, Greater Manchester
, £40000
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Finance Business Partner, Food Distribution
, London
, £50000
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Technical Manager
, Lincolnshire
, £50000
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R&D Food Technician
, West Yorkshire
, £25000
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Continuous Improvement Manager
, Nottinghamshire
, £50000
 - £60000
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Job Vacancies at Kellogg’s

Job Vacancies at Kellogg’s

The Kellogg’s brand is known around the world. The name actually belongs to the company, which has other brands including Pringles, Pop Tarts and Corn Flakes. The company has grown considerably around the world, leading to many job vacancies and opportunities.

A Brief History of Kellogg’s

The Kellogg Company was originally named the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company and was founded in 1906. Will Keith and John Harvey Kellogg started the company as an addition to the Battle Creek Sanitarium. The Toasted Corn Flakes was the first product from the brand, which was named after them but was renamed in 1922 to the Kellogg Company.

Originally working 40 hour weeks, the company switched to a lower 30 hour week in 1930. It stayed this way until the Second World War, when the working week increased considerably to a 90 hour one. Some of the factories and departments were locked into this until 1980 although some returned to a third of that time.

Kellogg’s acquired a number of smaller businesses between 1969 and 1977, including Fearn International, Eggo and Salad Foods. However, it refused to diversify and worked with the same products, unlike rivals Quaker Oats and General Mills. The company paid for this when the shares were at an all-time low in 1983.

Diversifying the Products

After realising that it needed to move on from the cereal market. The chairman at the time, William E. LaMothe, took the steps to improve its current marketing strategies. The first was to target the baby boomer population. There was an emphasis on the nutritional value and convenience to eating cereals. This also helped to increase the number of the younger population eating the products by 26%.

The cereal market expanded quickly and Kellogg’s started producing new, easy to eat products, including Nutri-Grain bars and Raisin Squares. The idea was to grab and go, which suited the way that people were starting to eat breakfast. It was also able to break into international markets with Just Right and Genmai Flakes for Australians and the Japanese respectively.

The break into the adult market helped Kellogg’s to battle against rivals, like  Post and General Mills, who were struggling with the children’s market.

Since 2001, Kellogg’s has acquired a number of large companies to help diversify its products, including the Keebler Company, Bear Naked and Cheez-It. It is now the second largest company for foods behind PepsiCo since acquiring Procter & Gamble’s Pringles brand in 2012.

New Jobs Available in the Kellogg’s Market

With the move to new products and an international market, there are more jobs available within the Kellogg’s brand. These include executive positions and graduate training schemes.

The Focus Management Consultants website offers a quick search function to be able to find jobs that suit your skills and desired areas. The search will allow you to dictate the specific locations or salary brackets to make sure you find something that suits your family requirements. You can also leave everything blank to see the list of all the jobs available in the various brackets of Food Jobs, Graduate Food Jobs and International jobs, amongst others.

Gain More by Signing Up

There is the option to sign up to Focus Management Consultants. This offers much more than simply checking the website on a daily basis for any job updates. One of the major benefits is that your applicant profile will be kept on file within the company for the whole time that you sign up for.

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You can inform the company of the type of jobs you are looking for, whether you want to stay within a certain area or are happy to look into international jobs. This helps to find something specific to your needs and cuts down on time wasting for both you and the recruiters.

Help With Getting the Job

There are many areas to work within Kellogg’s. The majority of it is in the cereal sector  but after numerous recent acquisitions, the brand has diversified. This increases the amount of jobs available around the world. Focus Management Consultants will help you find those roles and will keep your profile on hold and look at it should something else come up that you are suited for. It cuts down on your time searching and improves your chances of gaining a job.

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