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Job Vacancies at Cadbury

Job Vacancies at Cadbury

Cadbury started as a British company until it was bought out by Mondelez International, Inc. The chocolate is sold in over 50 countries around the world and it is the second largest in its industry behind Mars, Incorporation. There are job vacancies on a regular basis around the world with Cadbury and finding them does not need to be difficult.

A Brief History of Cadbury

John Cadbury started the business in 1824. It was not originally a business that created chocolate bars, which it is well known for now. The company originally sold coffee, drinking chocolate and tea from a small store in Birmingham on Bull Street. When he moved to Bridge Street, he started developing more versions of drinking chocolates and cocoa, usually for the wealthy due to the costs associated with production. John and his brother, Benjamin, became partners and the Cadbury Brothers of Birmingham was formed.

Their drinking chocolate became a favourite of Queen Victoria and the brothers received the Royal Warrant and moved to London in 1854. The industry was threatening to fall but chocolate became more affordable for all when the import taxes were reduced. By 1873, Cadbury stopped tea trading and focused on chocolate. Frederic Kinchelman, a master confectioner, was asked to share his secret to create a range of products covered in chocolate.

The Bournville factory was opened in 1879, after John’s sons, George and Richard took over running the company and moved to Bournbrook estate – renamed Bournville estate. It was the perfect option for transporting their products to them, which needed canal and rail access. This factory building remains today and has opened as a museum to tell the story of the development of Cadbury. The actual factory, though, closed when the company struggled financially during 2008.

The Launch of the Infamous Dairy Milk Bar

It was not until 1905 that the Dairy Milk bar was first released. This was different to all other chocolate bars around at the time because of the higher proportion of milk. The logo became one that showed the glass and a half of milk, which was used for the creation of chocolate. Cadbury constantly added more chocolate to its line with the Fruit and Nut and Whole Nut ranges appearing in 1928 and 1933 respectively. Cadbury has become the leading chocolate brand in the UK.

Cadbury also helped with the war efforts in the First World War by supplying books, clothing and chocolate to soldiers. Just after the war, the company expanded overseas by opening a factory in Tasmania in 1918 and merged with J. S. Fry & Sons in 1919. This led to Cadbury taking on the Turkish Delight, which is still manufactured today.

Mergers to Create New Jobs

Cadbury was in great demand after the Second World War and merged with a number of other companies, including Schweppes to break into the beverages industry.

The Cadbury license has been given to Hershey, a US confectionary company, to distribute its Dairy Milk bar. When Cadbury first started facing trouble, it was thought that Hershey would save it but in the end Kraft bought it out. The British public were not happy with this but Kraft only secured 71% of the company, meaning that it could not merge the company under the Kraft brand. However, this extra 4% was eventually gained.

Kraft decided to split the companies and Cadbury now operates under Mondelez Inc. Its shares have been delisted.

Job Vacancies Within Cadbury

Cadbury products are still made around the world and it is still possible to work for the brand.

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Cadbury is a household name and has been for decades. It may have been taken over by Kraft but the name still remains on chocolate bars around the world. There are still vacancies and opportunities arise on a regular basis. Cut down on the amount of searching you do and have a recruitment firm do the hard work for you. Signing up to Focus Management Consultants is easy and free. All you need to do is send your CV and a few details and they will be able to match jobs to your needs, whether you want graduate training schemes in the UK or managerial positions internationally.

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