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Job Opportunities Within the Nestle Brand

Job Opportunities Within the Nestle Brand

Nestle is a multinational consumer goods company based in Switzerland. It focuses on health related, nutritional and snack foods for people around the world and is the largest when revenue is measured. There are many opportunities in the Nestle brand, both in the UK and internationally, in various areas. Focus Management Consultants can help you find the perfect role for you within Nestle.

A Brief History of the Nestle Brand

The origins of Nestle date all the way back to 1866. It started as two Swiss brands – Nestle and the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company – working against each other and then later joining  together to create the name. Over the first few decades, the two separate brands expended across Europe, reaching the UK, and into the USA.

Henri Nestle started creating baby food that was milk based in September 1866. A year after that, Daniel Peter perfected his milk chocolate manufacturing process, which would never have happened without Nestlé’s development. The Anglo-Swiss company started adding the milk based infant foods, which meant that the two remained as direct rivals.

The two companies merged in 1905 but the brand was not formally rebranded as Nestle until 1977. By the time the two companies joined together, they had bases around the majority of Europe and the United States. Nestle became a major name during the First World War when there was more demand for government contracted dairy products and the level of production had at least doubled by the end.

An End to Government Contracts

At the end of the war, people were able to start using fresh milk again. This could have been a disaster for the brand but it quickly developed a way to respond to this. It expanded and developed new products for consumers, including chocolate which became the second biggest activity for the company.

The Second World War started to hit Nestle hard with profits dropping considerably at the outset. However, Nestle worked on introducing factories in developing regions, like the Latin American countries, and brought out Nescafe to the market. The US military started using the new coffee product and it helped the sales rise, even with the economy of war.

Constantly Adding New Products

To help avoid problems with finances and to stay with the times, Nestle constantly introduced – and still does – new products onto the market. In 1947, it merged with Maggi and started offering soups and seasonings. It also merged with Findus, Libby’s and Stouffers. In 1974, it further diversified its products by becoming a shareholder in L’Oreal.

Nestle also acquired larger brand names, including Carnation and Rowntree Mackintosh, which led to the acquisition of the brand Willy Wonka.

Jobs Around the World

Due to all the acquisitions and takeovers, Nestle has created jobs all over the world for its employees, including the UK, USA, Australia, Germany and Brazil.

The acquisitions have also led to more job opportunities and areas of work. There are very few limitations, including working in the chocolate and confectionary industry, frozen food manufacturing, baby food products and breakfast cereals. The brand also offers bottled water, snacks and pet food.

With the shares in L’Oreal, Nestle also has opportunities in the beauty and pharmaceutical industries. Beauty brands that it owns include Maybelline, Garnier and The Body Shop. It also works with L’Oreal in joint ventures Laboratoires Inneov, which works with nutritional cosmetics, and Gladerma, which is for dermatology. There are joint adventures with other companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, Fonterra and Indofood.

Job security is evident. In 2011, Nestle was the number one most profitable company in the global Fortune 500.

Finding Vacancies with Nestle

Those who want to work within the brand may be wondering where to start. Focus Management Consultants is a great option and keeps you up to date with  current vacancies and opportunities within the Nestle brand.

It is possible to sign up to Focus Management Consultants to stay ahead of the competition. Whenever a vacancy becomes noted, the consultants will go through all those on file to find candidates who may be suited to the role. You gain this by signing up and you will be one of the first to find out that there is an opportunity available.

The website offers all the latest roles available in various parts of the brand, and the best way to stay up to date and have the first chance of gaining a role is through signing up to the site for free.

There is an online search form which will help find specific roles and locations. Focus Management Consultants will also help with finding international roles.

Help with Gaining Employment

As well as offering the jobs, Focus Management Consultants will help with how to impress at the interview. The first meeting is always the most important as first impressions count. The consultants will offer tips and advice in interview etiquette to avoid any problems and improve the chances of gaining employment.

You will also learn more about the different food disciplines to better understand more about the roles available. This is an excellent way to make sure you know more about the roles you are applying for and understand the full job description. It allows you to put more effort into your application and increase your chances of finding the perfect employment and gaining it.

Nestle is a large brand and full of amazing opportunities. It works within various industries, including the consumer foods, pet foods and beauty products. There are ventures happening on a regular basis to increase the experience and roles that employees will gain and do. Focus Management Consultants will be able to help you find the latest roles suitable for you and gain that employment. Sign up today and be at the top when it comes to vacancies.

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