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Site Technical Manager
, Somerset
, £60000
 - £65000
per annum
Process Technologist, food manufacturing
, Norfolk
, £20000
 - £32000
per annum
Operations Manager
, Devon
, £45000
 - £55000
per annum
Foodservice National Account Executive
, Midlands
, £30000
 - £35000
per annum
 + Car or allowance, bonus & benefits (OTE £48K)
Graduate Food Technologist
, London
, £28000
 - £30000
per annum
Trainee Product Developer
, london
, £28000
 - £30000
per annum
Job Opportunities Within Heinz

Job Opportunities Within Heinz

When you think of Heinz, what do you think of? Baked beans, ketchup and soup? Maybe you think about the slogan “Beans Means Heinz” or “57 varieties”. Heinz is a household name but offers more than you may think. There are many job opportunities within the brand but it can be difficult to know where to start. Focus Management Consultants will help with that and more, by helping you secure employment.

A Brief History of Heinz

Henry J. Heinz started work by packing food in 1869. With his friend, L. Clarence Noble, he started marketing horseradish and the company Heinz Nobel & Company began; however, by 1875, the business was bankrupt. F & J Heinz started a year later when Henry started working with his cousin and brother, Frederick and John Heinz. Tomato ketchup was one of the first products from the company.

By 1888, Henry bought out his partners and the company was rebranded to H. J. Heinz Company. The “57 varieties” slogan started by 1896 and was inspired by a slogan “21 styles” from a shoe store in New York City.

In 1905 the company was incorporated and Heinz became president of the company until his death. Sanitary food preparation processes were a strong component for the company, which led to the Pure Food and Drug Act 1906.

The leadership of the company remained in family hands until 1987, when Jack Heinz stepped down and Tony O’Reilly became chairman.  However, he left in 1998 when there were problems with finances and pressure from pension funds and governance groups. Around this time supermarkets and grocery stores around the room started consolidating and there was less space on the shelves for products.

In February 2013 Warren Buffett agreed a deal worth $28bn, £18bn which is the biggest ever, food buy out. The food giant who also owns Burger King paid $72.5 per Heinz share. At this time Heinz had a debt of over $5bn taking the deal value to $23bn. The headquarters will remain in Pittsburg.

Spreading Across the World

There are opportunities around the world to work for Heinz. There are a number of factories in Ohio, Pennsylvania, California and Florida, as well as Australia, Canada, India and the Philippians.

To work in various countries, especially India, the brand has had to change its formula. This works with the varying tastes in the countries to make sure they sell. Heinz is not afraid of innovation and change and continues to offer something new for its markets.

Joint Ventures with Many Brands

While working on its own brand, Heinz has joined ventures with a number of brands. One of those in the UK is with Weight Watchers. Heinz markets a number of frozen meals with the Weight Watchers name and sells them in large supermarkets. There are always new products being released with the Weight Watchers propoints plan in mind.

Other ventures include Lea & Perrins, HP Sauce and Bagel Bites with the brand working across many different areas of the food industry.

These joint ventures help to create new job opportunities. There are executive schemes for those looking to build their business reputation, graduate schemes and interim positions to suit all needs.

Heinz also worked towards electronic inventions with the “Beanzawave”. This was a tiny microwave, designed with students and office workers in mind. The microwave would attach to the USB port of a computer and was perfect for small products, including the range of snacks, the Snap Pots, that the brand released at the same time.

Finding Jobs Within the Heinz Brand

Finding roles within brands can be difficult. Where do you start? Focus Management Consultants is here to help.  One of the best ways to find out about the opportunities is to sign up with Focus Management Consultants. The team of consultants will be able to check your profile as soon as new vacancies come in to see if you fit the job descriptions. You will find out first-hand about the new opportunities available to find out whether you want to apply.

The positions listed are national and international. It is possible to set your own search criteria on the website to tailor the results to your needs, whether you have a minimum salary or a location that must be met.

Help in Securing a Job

Part of securing that role is understanding the type of role available. With Focus Management Consultants, you will find out more about the job descriptions and everything the brand is asking for. The consultants will be happy to help tailor your CV to help you secure the job of your dreams.

One top of that, the consultants will offer you tips to make sure you impress at the interview. This is often one of the hardest parts as people worry about what they will be asked. Focus Management Consultants will work with you to make sure you know what to expect.

Finding a vacancy within the Heinz brand does not need to be difficult.   Whether you are looking for graduate positions, international opportunities or executive roles, signing up can help. You will be placed on a list and will be looked at whenever a new job comes through the door; if you are suitable, you will be one of the first to hear so you can apply.

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