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CV Advice

Preparing your CV

Since 1990 we’ve seen a lot of CV’s, some great …some needing more work
It must be:

  • factual and accurate..no typos!
  • Have contact details 

Develop a CV Summary

Highlight your strengths and achievements and your career objective. Be prepared to have great examples of what you have written.

Career History

  • Set out your history chronologically, with your most recent experience first
  • Name of the employer, job title, dates of employment, what the job entailed and more importantly, what you achieved with examples
  • Explain any gaps in your career
  • Put references on your CV, unless highly sensitive.

CV Style

  • Be prepared to adapt your material for each application
  • Don't assume that everyone will know what your previous employers do, give a brief description

CV length

Generally, it should be two pages, but where you believe there is more to show and say, a longer version will be acceptable. Include all your experience but be selective

Covering Letter

If you need to explain or expand on your skills and experience in a covering letter – your CV needs more work. A reference number and the job you are applying to is probably sufficient

CV template

If you haven’t got a CV click here for a template you can use. When you're ready, send us your CV to consultants@fmcl.co.uk