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Understand the role

What do we mean by 'understand the role'?

This all relates back to preparation. There are few things worse than turning up for an interview not knowing or understanding what the role you are interviewing for entails.

When you apply for a job, you are normally given a job description. If you don't receive one of these, you will have almost definitely seen a job advert. This advert and job description is often the reason you've applied for the job. You find the opportunity attractive and can form links between your potential duties and the experiences you have from the past - whether that be in employment, education or your social life.

In preparation for the interview, make sure you understand all aspects of the role. Read through the job specification a few times, get a feel for the type of interview questions you might be asked. Make notes on how you can illustrate to the potential employer that you are a suitable candidate for this position and that your skills, education and experience are all useful for the role.

If there's something you're not sure about, research the company and what the job entails. Have you done something similar? If not, don't worry. Look at what options are available to you - is there training available for that particular element of the job?

It is wise to come clean with your potential employer at this stage rather than letting them offer you the job, then running into trouble during employment where you can't do things you said you could.

A few quick tips:

  • Read the job description and job advert a good few times before your interview, along with any additional material you are given by the recruiter or employer
  • Flag up any potential question points - these are questions that you think you may be asked by the employer, but also prepare questions you have to ask them
  • Assess how your skills, education, attributes and experience all contribute toward how you can satisfy the requirements of the role.