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Numerical Testing

Is your maths up to date? Might be time to brush the dust of the GCSE Maths revision guide and prepare for your numeric testing…

Numeric tests can be tricky, especially if your current role (or pervious role) doesn't include a day-to-day use of various mathematic skills.

This can also be an issue if, like many in the modern world, you largely rely on spreadsheet formulas to work out calculations. Heres a couple of tricks to help you refresh those maths skills:

  • Although it might sound like taking a few steps back, rooting out your revision guides from GCSE maths can refresh your memory and put your mind at ease. You'll be surprised at how quickly you remember what you learnt when back in high school.
  • Practice! Most testing companies will provide you with a test version before you are required to submit the actual numeric test. Take advantage of this by practicing answering the questions, until you feel completely happy about taking the real thing. There are practice tests littered across the internet, so why not have a go at these too? Our studies show that those who practise properly are those with the highest test scores.

What to know more?

There's a whole load of information about testing and interviewing on our Help & Advice section. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to Contact us here at Focus Management and we'll do our best to help.