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The race for talent - why you need to make quick decisions

When visiting a client to take the detail on a permanent job brief they often turn the conversation to strategic talent management and how they want to formulate a process with us to secure key individuals to fit alongside their long term plans for the future.  Interestingly though, very few clients understand the need to turn that on its head and think about the process to secure talent when they have a short-term interim need.  Demand is exceptionally high at the moment and as an interim provider, our challenge is not to secure new clients right now, it’s all about sourcing the right interim resource for the client.

Every interim role is unique and quite rightly, as the costs of recruiting specialist resource can be high when considering the day rate and additional expenses involved then you want to bring in the best the market can offer.  What never ceases to amaze me is why, when the feedback from the interview is really positive from both parties and we are all good to go ……………. we hit the pause button.  This is for all sorts of reasons including ‘we need to look at the budget’ or ‘we need to rethink the structure’ or my old favourite ‘we just need to decide if we definitely need an interim’.  Time to go into a dark room and scream quite loudly!  These are all things that should be covered before we even go out to market.  Leaving aside the issues around raising expectation if you can’t go through with it, the time wasted for everyone involved and the risk of damaging your reputation “I’m not interested in an assignment with them, they wasted my time six months ago”.  The real point of this short article is about pace. 

I tweeted a line a while ago ’to benefit from the best talent on the interim market offer with speed because yes, it is a race!’ and that is so true.  Clients must accept that they are in a race with their competition.  All interims are entrepreneurs. They have taken a brave step in moving out of permanent employment and have no guarantees where their next assignment is coming from and how long it will last.  If they’ve got another offer then they have to take it, they can’t wait on the off chance of another offer coming through.  It sounds so obvious, but the times it has happened in the 14 years (oh is it really that long) I’ve worked in recruitment is astounding.  Do the sums, think it through, interview, offer and sign on the dotted.  As a brilliant logistics recruiter I used to work with would always say in his thick Northern accent “The biggest killer in recruitment is time” – how right he was”.  Sarah Moran, October 2013.

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By Sarah Moran

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