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Assessment Centres

Interview to assess your cultural fit to the company

You should be looking to see if the company has a set of core values that they work to.

You should assess how you fit into these values. Use a variety of examples to illustrate how you fit in. For example, draw on illustration from your hobbies, extra curricular activities, work experience and education.

Accountabilities Interview - This is likely to be a question based around the type of role you have applied for (for example an Engineering, Finance or New Product Development based role). Questions that may be asked could include 'Why do you want to work in Engineering?' 'Why do you want to work in Finance in the food industry?'

What is your understanding of how the department operates within the company? What is your understanding of the graduate program? (Talk about the program's timeframe, structure, training, further qualifications, responsibilities etc.)

What is your understanding of the professional qualification (if applicable) and why do you want to work towards this? What do you see are the key challenges with working within the function you have applied for?

Presentation - depending on the client you will be given the brief before or on the day.  If you are given it on the day obviously you can't really prepare - my advice would be to just do your background research on the company website, think about how they have developed over the years, and internal/external factors that have affected the growth and development of the company.

They will be looking for your business acumen as well as your knowledge of them as a company, and how these issues affect the scheme you have applied for.

Group Exercise - you can't prepare for this in advance.  Just make sure you take a note of the time when you start the exercise, whatever you do make your voice heard and give some input into the task, otherwise the assessors will have nothing to score you on.  They will be looking for good communication, teamwork and leadership skills.