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Sample Presentation Brief



1.    A dish that best represents you on a plate, with reasons why you have chosen it and the ingredients used.

2.    Review the current ready meal market for one specific cuisine within supermarkets (e.g. Italian, Thai, British etc.) and research any gaps, consider value and premium ranges.  Develop and create a dish which is currently on trend and would fit this gap. Consider packaging formats and demonstrate costings for the dish to fit within common price points.

You can bring some elements of the dishes prepared needed. You are allocated 2 hours to cook the dishes and to present them to the Senior Development Chef and NPD Manager.

  • The dish that best describes you on a plate is not restricted to having to be a ready meal, you can show as much culinary flair as you like. Be prepared to explain your choice of dish and receive questions & feedback on your chosen dish.  
  • The ready meal product requires you to think about presentation in pack along with nutritionals- flavoursome whilst not overloading on fats, salt or butter etc. Consider the price point in the market, as well as providing the recipe within your presentation.
  • Time allocated is between 1 ¾ - 2 hours to prepare and then present. A small amount can be prepared at home if you feel you won’t have enough time but it must be justified and your methods clearly explained in presentation.
  • Please send the ingredients list at least 2 full days in advance for the company to source. If you are bringing ingredients on the day, please keep your receipts for reimbursement.

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