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Development Chef Knowledge Hub - Advice and Guides

Welcome to the Focus Chefs “Knowledge Hub” - everything you need to know about breaking into the world of New Product Development and using your chef experiences to advance your career.

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We are contacted by ambitious and creative Chefs looking for the next step in their career, on a daily basis.  Of course, coming from a foodservice background can be a great platform to launch into Product Development work.  This section of the website is designed to assist you in understanding what is required and how to use your skills, experiences and personality.  The end result could have you working within a new business environment, advancing your career developing new products that reflect the latest food trends for millions of customers throughout the UK and beyond.

Since 1990 Focus Management Consultants has been at the forefront of working with the market leaders in food manufacturing and retail.  Because of this, we know what works, why it works, and most importantly for you… what it takes, to make it work!    Within the “Knowledge Hub” you will find advice and guides on a number of crucial subjects that will explore the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ on how to make your way into Product Development.


How to become a Development Chef

What you need in your head, hands and inner-being.  It’s so much more than just being creative – this section will enlighten as well as educate.

 Writing your CV

It’s the ‘advert’ on you that details your life’s work. The ultimate in first impressions.

Finding the Right Development Chef Job

Matching the opportunity with your needs can be a maze hard to navigate. Here we’ll ensure every area is considered before an application is made.

The Interview Process

This section assists in research, preparation and delivery. Channelling your natural abilities both in terms of skill and personality, so that when you have the stage you give the best account of yourself.

 Development Chef Experiences

Find out what it's like to be a development chef by reading some real life experiences

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The information contained throughout the “Knowledge Hub” is designed to allow you to take what is needed, when required. It also provides useful refresher info regardless of your current position within the market.    

We actively encourage feedback from our candidates.  Some of whom have provided content in the form of their own shared experiences here on this site.  If you have any ideas or would care to provide information that would benefit other ambitious Chefs within Product Development , please get in touch or see our latest chef roles here.