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Quality Manager
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Business Development Manager
, Greater Manchester
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 + Bonus + Company vehicle (OTE £49,000)
Interim Compliance Manager
, Kent
, £325
 - £350
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Supplier Quality Assurance Manager
, Wales
, £43000
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 + Car Allowance
Maintenance Engineer
, South Yorkshire
, £38000
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Engineering Inventory Controller
, South Yorkshire
, £32000
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per annum
Bakkavor Recruiting New Workers

Bakkavor Recruiting New Workers

Bakkavor has announced that they are going to be on the hunt for 30 new employees across two regions.

The opportunities will come up in Nantwich and Crewe, representing a great chance for those in the area to snap up a job with the bread arm of the food company.

New opportunities available

Though it has not been reported when applications will open, there are set to be 30 new food jobs up for grabs with Bakkavor Bread. The bakery arm of the well-known manufacturing company is looking to expand across two sites in Nantwich and Crewe.loaves of bread neatly displayed

It is understood that a large range of roles will become available, in different sectors across the business. These include production, hygiene, engineering, logistics, and health and safety jobs. This means the diverse openings will be suited to a large range of candidates, and there is likely to be fierce competition for each of the individual roles. For that reason, we would suggest that jobseekers set up email alerts as soon as possible and keep an eye on job boards in the coming weeks. This will give the strongest chance of getting in an early application to be considered at the top of the pile.

The business is already a big employer in the area. The two sites employ more than 670 people between them. This contributes to their ability to produce more than 11 million bread-based items every single week. There are an average of 50 different types of product being produced within this timeframe. They can include, but are not limited to, flatbreads, garlic baguettes, bread slices, and doughballs. At most points during an average run, those 50 are being produced at the same time – a huge production set-up which would dwarf many other factory lines in the UK in terms of scale.

New chapter beckons

Any expansion is the start of a new chapter for a business, and usually comes as a signal of good times. If it is done right, it can also be a harbinger of good times ahead.

“Bakkavor Bread is on a roll and we are keen to welcome anyone who is wants to rise to the challenge and get in on a slice of the action,” said Paul Peachey, the Business Director for Bakkavor Bread & Pizza. It’s clear that he has retained a sense of humour while working for the organisation!

The overall business has been on a long run of highs as far as recruitment goes. In 2017, they brought in a grand total of more than 2,500 new staff members. That brought their total workforce to more than 19,000 employees across the UK. They have also recently announced that they are looking to bring in 26 new apprentices to their various training schemes throughout 2018.

The business has also seen growth in profit reports, with a 5.4% increase in like-for-like revenue in their full-year results. The second half of 2017 was not as bright as the first, with inflationary pressure having an impact on volume growth. However, they do expect this to turn around, thanks to what they called “improved marketing conditions and new business” in an official statement.

It looks like things are going from strength to strength for the manufacturer, and if this year is anything like the last, then these 30 new jobs will seem like a drop in the ocean of their overall figures. For 30 jobseekers in the Crewe and Nantwich areas, however, this could represent a great opportunity to move forward in their food careers and get the chance to start earning.

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