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Employee Ownership

Employee Ownership

Our founder, Stephen Jones decided that he wanted the business and brand to continue and to reward the people, that made it the success it is, for their hard work and commitment – hence becoming Employee Owned in July 2019.

Employee Ownership is seen in many guises, we choose to have a Trust who hold the shares of the business for the employees, and whom the management team report into. Every employee has an input into how the company is run and everyone shares in its financial successes.

The Trust is made up of the Founder, an Independent Trustee and an Employee Trustee. Another important role for the business is the Employee Representative who attends management meetings to relay employees' suggestions and ideas. The appointment of the Employee Trustee and Employee Representative was by employee vote, with Abbi Taylor and Frank Lomas currently holding the positions respectively.

Abbi Taylor                                                                                       

          Abbi Taylor                                                                                                         Frank Lomas

       Employee Trustee                                                                                           Employee Representative