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bowls of food with Sara hollis picture in between

Get to know our team - Sara Hollis

Sara Hollis joined Focus over 5 years ago as a Recruitment Co-Ordinator during those five years Sara has learnt a lot about the food industry and recruitment. This has spurred her passion in food and understanding the industry further. As a true foodie she has loved getting to know how the food industry works and understanding the processes that are required for products to make it onto our supermarket shelves. Sara loves trying all the new food trends including more recently vegan food products, she is looking forward to the next trends that are currently on the horizon.

Gareth Southgate

What we can learn from football

Although I am not a football fan I’ll happily take note of good leadership skills, which is why I read the BBC News article “Euros 2020: What all of us can learn from Gareth Southgate”. 

Celebrating Employee Ownership Day

On Friday 25th June 2021 we celebrated Employee Ownership day with 730 other Employee Owned businesses such as John Lewis, Fred Marketing, InsideOut, The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, Page/Park Architects etc.  The EO Sector has seen huge growth in the last year as more and more companies see that inclusivity of their employees is a better way of working. 

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