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Food Industry Recruiters since 1990 Employee Owned


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Founded in 1990, Focus has worked tirelessly to deliver outstanding Permanent and Interim recruitment for the food and drink industry. Since 2019 Focus is now Employee Owned. At Focus we're all owners, focused on outstanding service. It's our Company - so it's personal.

Bespoke service

The best talent needs to be engaged with, nurtured and recruited, when it is right for a client and right for the candidate.

Success rates

Repeat business is our measure of success, and has consistently been at 97%, with 96% of our work coming from referral.

Focus Insights

Still here after 22 years...

Who’d have thought that after 22 years I’m still working for the same company?  So, what is it that has kept me here – am I that good at my job? – a flexible can do employee? – or do I just fit?  I’d like to think all of them, but I reckon it’s that I just fit with the company, its values and most of all the people.  After all, we spend more time with the people at work than our own families, and yes, I’ve been heard to say this before. 

Focus and Employee Ownership...

Delighted to say it’s our first year Anniversary of Employee Ownership and it coincides with Employee Ownership Day 2020.


Since late 2019 and the first Covid articles started to appear, the speed of change we have experienced has been incredible.  The news from around the world continues to dumbfound, with the latest horrors being played out on American streets with the murder of George Floyd.  And we are still horrified and deeply troubled by the Environmental challenges we all face.  But maybe it is the all-inclusive nature of these three huge agenda issues that allows us to hope that now is the time we will all do something to make a difference.  Yes, to improve our personal position, but more importantly that of all of us.

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